After recording The Mutants last week, David stayed with us to record this quick competition bonus!

We have a Keys of Marinus B&M set plus a set of second Doctor Top Trumps cards up for winning.

Just answer the question we ask in this episode and get in touch with the answer either via Twitter or Insta DM @twowatchwho or email us

This is open to anyone worldwide. Entries will close on Thursday the 9th of December. 


Good Luck!

You might think there's not much to discuss in this story but even though it's not the greatest there's plenty going on. David (@mrsremingtonfan) returns to record with us in person. There's Squire talk, Mutts, Caves, and Sarah explains the plot to the fans. Add some takeaway drama, top trumps and cocktails and suddenly this story is very memorable.

Twitter and Instagram @twowatchwho

David can be found on Twitter @MrsRemingtonFan

It's a tough one this week. We're back on Earth and The Master is back already. Too soon? There's lots of boat action and although the Sea Devils are good monsters but is there enough plot?

If you're new to Who, you can watch along with us. Mark watched the official DVD and Sarah watched on Britbox. 



Join us on Peladon for some political talk. Another space adventure sees the return of the Ice Warriors and some other interesting monsters. What dealings had box man done with H? Who is joining the EU? We work it all out!

We begin season 9 with the return of the Daleks. Joining us to discuss are Richard - watching this story for the first time and David (@mrsremingtonfan) who isn't a fan of this story at all.

Sarah watched the special edition of this story and brings her own take on this story. Is it really as bad as David thinks it is?


October 29, 2021

Season 8 - The Doscars

Take your seats we are here to celebrate season 8. Edith is back catering, Corporal Bell is on the cocktails. Who will take away an award this time?




We consulted the talisman of mercury in preparation for discussing the Daemons this week. 

It's a fan favourite for sure but what will Sarah make of it? If you look into the details does the story make any sense?

If you're new to Who and watching along with us, Mark watched the official DVD release of this story and Sarah watched online with Britbox.



Sarah experiences space in colour for the first time. In another first, Mark needs the plot explaining to him - by Sarah! We also talk soaps, lizards and Jo's first trip in the TARDIS.

If you're new to Who like Sarah and want to watch along with us, Mark watched the official DVD release of this story and Sarah watched on Britbox (at work).


You find us on a windswept beach this week as we discuss The Claws of Axos. More master, more ministers and help from Bill Filer. Although the most important observation is that it's all about the hair....

If you're new to Who and want to watch along with us Mark watched the official BBC DVD release and Sarah watched via Britbox. 


Prisons, Serial Killers and Dead Birds sums up this week's discussion of The Mind of Evil. We discuss the concept of the Keller Machine and the prison system - at length!

Sarah is getting used to the character of Jo and Barnham makes an impression on us. 

If you're new to Who and want to watch along with us, Mark watched the BBC DVD and Sarah watched online via Britbox. 



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